About Us

What We’re About

We have been bringing nature indoors by designing, installing and maintaining custom environments in corporate and healthcare locations for over 32 years.

We create environments from office spaces to large atriums full of trees, lush foliage and pools of flowering tropical plants, to even the most modest of spaces. Our goal is to provide comfort, create art and bring life to otherwise empty areas.

We install living walls and moss panels that bring life to not only any interior space but also places that are be more difficult to incorporate plant life.

We complement colorful spaces using vibrant bromeliads, delicate orchids, beautiful anthurium and our custom fresh floral department.

We design with biophilic design principles and are certified with Green Plants for Green Buildings which aids us with a powerful skill set that is timely and relevant.

We maintain these green spaces with the goal of exceeding expectations and guarantee that these spaces are full of life and quality.

We integrate plants, people and places.