Interior Landscaping


Our Process for Your Space



We delight in collaborating with creators: whether an entrepreneur, architect, or interior designer we can take plans and sketches and suggest elements that would become a natural feature of the space. We are able to assist you select the perfect variety of plant or floral design for your event space or annual meeting.



Our installation team is composed of experienced professionals who manner is always considerate, attentive and knowledgeable. Communication is clear and listening to the client is a priority; Regardless of the size of the installation assignment, tools, positive attitudes and shining new plants are a consistent element.


Our friendly and experienced team of horticulturists will care for your plants with scheduled visits. The profile of your planter or your plantscape will be consistently lush, with full bodied texture, and a fresh top dressing. Plants will be kept lustrous, clean, and well-pruned; and any pest issues will be managed quickly and effectively.



How is Integrated Plantscapes different?

We have designed our process to be seamless, and we work hard to bring that to our clients, whether its a long standing or new client. The quality of our service is guaranteed and consistent; based on active communication, we listen, make decisions on the client’s behalf with integrity and responsibly. Our follow through and attention to your needs is incomparable.

Interior and Exterior Office Landscaping

Our specialization is interior plantscaping. We utilize the process of collaborating with the client, creating a design or plantscape, installing the plants cape and the ongoing maintenance of the plants in your space.

We offer exterior office plantscaping through our seasonal color program. Our seasonal color program is a quarterly rotation of
annual flowers and plants that showcase your entrance or exterior through their color and texture. Using seasonal decorative elements we insure an impact all year long.Installed in outdoor containers and impactful focal areas, these provide an instant “wow” factor to
any building.

Plant Maintenance & Frequency

After we’ve created your interior plantscape for you and your space, our Operations Manager will choose a horticulturist that best suits you and the needs of your plantscape. Our horticulturist will typically initially visit weekly to ensure the new plants have properly acclimated to your space. It’s always important to remember your new plants have been through quite an environmental shift coming from a sunny field in Florida to being wrapped and shipped in a dark truck and now into an interior setting. Once acclimated your service technician will return for routine scheduled maintenance.

Your horticulturist is the first line of contact and communication with us, and it is their intention and desire to create a seamless and pleasant relationship with our company and the service we provide.

Your Indoor Plants and Sunlight

Our plantscapes are designed to meet the needs of your space; many factors are considered, and the quality and amount of light is our first concern. The amount of sunlight determines the plant species that are used in your plantscapes design. Very few indoor plants thrive in direct sunlight; most prefer filtered or indirect light. If your space has artificial light sources exclusively it does not mean that you will be unable to have plants in your space. Many indoor plants can flourish in artificial light, as long as their exposure to the light is appropriate. The horticulturist adjusts care for various environmental factors.

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