Interior Landscaping Projects

Plant Delivery Videos

Two members of our Installation team are working on planting, mulching, and finishing a new interior plantscape. Good team work is a combination of good communication, experience, flexibility and good planning.

Our horticulturalists are well trained, courteous, and knowledgeable; our horticulturalists take care of the needs of your plantscape, from pruning and cleaning, to watering and managing soil, fertilization and any  pest concerns.

Many modern interiors can benefit from container plants to soften the edges, enhance the ambience and add visual interest. Ficus Lyrata or Fiddle-Leaf Fig (far left) is a unique addition to a space; Draecaena Lemon Lime and Philodendron Selloum add brightness, and dynamic foliage.

Plantscapes in the hospitality industry are an important consideration where atmosphere and client comfort is paramount. Plants can create spaces for different functions: separating dining, other meeting areas and directing people to key areas of interest.

Our install team is experienced, efficient and knowledgeable. When the need for expert pruning, new installations, or larger refreshers, they are on task with a pleasant manner and excellent service.

We work with architects and designers to integrate plants into their spaces at the time of construction. These raised beds were designed for the space on the second floor at Lemmen Holton Cancer Pavilion, with the intention of creating peace, respite, a sense of calm and reflection and support. A variety of plant species were incorporated: Sanseverius, Draecaena Cane Corn, Aglaonema, Spathiphyllum.

Plant selection is individualized and is selected with the character and environmental needs of the space in mind. Echeveria succulents enjoy the abundance of light on this ledge in an airy location.